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Monday, March 8, 2010

Charlie Shocked! Rehab Pledge Requires Actual Rehab!

The troubled actor begrudgingly makes it to rehab six hours after his rep announces he's going.

Charlie Sheen is safely ensconced in rehab now, where he won't be tempted to call up a hooker and
 ask "what's shakin'?".

There are just a couple of things to clarify about Charlie Sheen's rep's statement. "As a preventative measure, Charlie Sheen has entered a rehabilitation facility," the rep announced Tuesday evening. According to Radar, he actually went less for "preventative measures," and more because he's a drunken cokehead.

And, also, when his rep said he had checked in, he was actually M.I.A., stubbornly refusing to go. Only after six hours of pleading did his people convince him. But other than that, the statement was accurate. I mean, his name is Charlie Sheen. Oh, wait, no, it's Carlos Estevez.

Radar's source says Charlie had been drinking and using cocaine, which would be a violation of his bail agreement. But a source denies this to People. "A lot of things are on his mind," the spin-friendly source tells People. "He didn't want to get to a place where he had the urge to get high. He's not using and he doesn't want to."

TMZ reports Charlie is scheduled to spend two weeks in rehab, which might not be quite long enough considering he's been dragged bitterly against his will. Two and a Half Men has six more episodes to shoot of their 24-episode season, the L.A.-based gossip site reports. Production is shutting down for three weeks, including a planned one week hiatus, marking this week as the week the toilet jokes died.

His wife Brooke is already in rehab, so Charlie's dad Martin Sheen and mom Janet were at his place with the Sheen twins, Bob and Max, 11 months, Tuesday night. "He loves his children and ultimately that's what convinced him to get help," a source told Radar. Aw, that's sweet. So it's not that he's trying to save face so the judge doesn't throw him in jail? Inspirational.


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