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Monday, September 20, 2010

Breast Exams and Kittens

Skate4Cancer continues their mission of stopping cancer through knowledge and prevention with yet another way to make breast exams seem fun. Starring Christian Potenza in a colonial military uniform (from the few times I've met him, that may just have been what he was wearing that day), a metric tonne of kittens and some playful music, you'll be singing the gospel of regular breast exams in no time.

In all seriousness, ladies, take care of those only get two. And guys, remind your lady to keep them in check because you love them just as much as (if not more than) they do.

If you're wondering what Rob Dyer and Skate4Cancer are up to these days, you may remember that his last skate across Australia was sidelined by a run-in with a car. Rob is currently back in Toronto, recovering, and working on his next goal of opening a permanent drop-in centre for Skate4Cancer in the city, with plans of returning to Australia to start his last skate over again. A quitter he is not.


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