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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Man wants sex change to look like Gaga

A 24-year-old Bulgarian man is planning to have a sex change – to look like Lady Gaga, according to Radar Online.

Penio Daskalov is apparently enlisting cosmetic surgeons to turn him into a double of Lady Gaga, which he thinks will help him launch a career in music.

"I really admire the way she has created herself, so when I've had my operations I won't be quite a man or quite a woman," Daskalov said, adding "I've already contacted her management and told them what I am doing and how I'd like to record a duet with her."

Radar says Daskalov was a contestant on the Bulgarian version of Big Brother where he successfully tricked his housemates into thinking he was a woman.

That's quite an homage - probably a really bad idea (I'm not sure he's given enough thought to his potential market. While I'm sure there is an audience out there for a Bulgarian Gaga knock-off act, it sounds a bit novelty and derivative to really go far, you know?) - but quite an homage still. And he does look a bit like her.

In other homages to Gags this week, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh decided to dress a T-Rex up as the pop star (see it here)

Here's video of Penio singing.


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