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Friday, February 18, 2011

5 ways Facebook can get you hired

Looking for work? Follow these Facebook tips and you should land a job in no time.

The rules for finding a job have changed. Gone are the days of browsing newspaper career ads, posting your resume on Monster, and pounding the pavement in search of work opportunities. Today's job seeker must be savvy with social media sites like Facebook, and know how to mobilize online networks to find work. With over 600 million people using Facebook, the chances of connecting your resume with someone who knows about a job opportunity are limitless. Here are five ways Facebook can help get you hired:

Update your Facebook status

Finding friends and connecting with past colleagues is what makes Facebook the ultimate networking tool. So why not update your status to let your network know about your job search?
 Just be sure to keep your status updates professional and casual -- sounding desperate might keep friends from 'Liking' or 'Sharing' your news with fellow contacts, hiring managers, and prospective employers.

Tip: If you're looking for work while employed, be careful about making job hunting announcements on Facebook -- your current employer might find out! Always review your privacy settings before posting sensitive information, and organize your contacts into 'Friend Lists' to target status updates to specific groups.

Search Marketplace Jobs

Online classified sites like, and are tools job seekers have used for years to find work. But have you thought of searching the Facebook Marketplace classifieds for jobs and employment opportunities in your area? Using the job board in the Marketplace, Facebook lets you search by job title, company, job type, and with job-specific keywords. You can even post your own classified ad to broadcast your availability to Facebook's burgeoning marketplace.

Tip: Always be wary of online employment offers that seem too good to be true. Facebook isn't immune from shady work-at-home schemes and positions that require a deposit or investment to get hired. As with any online classified site, don't give out any personal information and always meet the employer locally before accepting a job.

 'Like' a company page

Is there a dream company you'd love to work for? Chances are that organization updates their very own Facebook page, complete with job vacancies and new positions. Becoming a fan, friend, or liking that company can give you instant access to their employment status updates, and more importantly, the hiring managers who post to Facebook.

Tip: Following a company news feed can help you find job leads instantly. Be careful about posting public comments to that company's wall though -- you don't want to get noticed using an inappropriate or wrong channel. Always try to contact a hiring manager directly with the Facebook messaging system or through a public email address.
Build a Facebook Page

Are you an entrepreneur, artist, or a freelancer who could benefit from building a brand using social media? Create a bigger presence for your business by making a Facebook Page to share your creative self with fans and followers. Facebook Pages are free, publicly accessible profiles that feature your business and help you communicate with your customers, fans, and followers. If you already have a personal Facebook Profile, starting a Facebook Page is easy -- see for the details. Many artists, musicians, writers, authors, athletes, photographers, bloggers, non-profits, and entrepreneurs have pages to help promote themselves and earn an income by connecting with others on Facebook.

Tip: Starting a Facebook Page is easy, but building a fan base may take time, so be patient! Who knows, maybe your creative offerings will spread virally on Facebook, building your brand one click at a time.

Use Facebook Ads

Got a little money in your pocket? Promote your product, service, or job skills with Facebook Ads by targeting a location, various interests, and products using a single campaign. Costs vary greatly, but given Facebook's tremendous reach, it's possible to find the right fit for your job skills by creating the perfect advertisement to display on the right person's profile.

Tip: Creating an effective advertising campaign without spending too much money takes a little thought about your target market. See for the best practices and smart ways to get your message read by millions.


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