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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun with Facebook: Turn on ‘Pirate’ mode

No, we’re not referring to ‘pirating’ music, video or software — as in stealing it — but a fun little-known trick within Facebook lets you change the language to ‘Pirate English’ for you and your mateys to have fun with.

It’s not a new trick, but I recently showed a Facebook lover how to change languages in Facebook — even to one that changes your text to “pirate” talk — yes, ahoy this and arghh that — and another one that puts your words upside-down.

To change languages, scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page and click on the word English US and it’ll open up many dozens of other languages you can view Facebook in.

Click on the drop-down box beside where it says English (US) and you’ll see the other options, including English (Pirate). Once you select this look at your Facebook page and you’ll see “News Ahoy!” instead of “News,” “What Be Troublin’ Ye?” instead of “What’s on Your Mind?” and “Mangle Me Litany” instead of “Edit My Profile.” There are many other goodies here, too, such as seeing “John Smith an’ 4 other mateys be admirin’ this” rather than “John Smith and 4 other friends like this.”

Go ahead, walk the plank if you haven’t tried it already.

The upside-down option is fun, too, but be aware it can be tough to change it back unless you cock your head to read the text!


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